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The Annual Putnam Proud County Wide Clean-up is an opportunity for all of us throughout Putnam County to take pride in our community and tackle an issue that affects us all: litter.

Throughout the week of September 17th through the 24th, we encourage groups throughout our county to come together for the benefit of our communities and conduct a litter clean-up in our areas. Clean-ups can occur on any day and time that is most convenient for your group, and all supplies necessary to conduct a safe clean-up will be provided by us here at Keep Putnam County Beautiful - Clean Commission (including: trash bags, litter grabbers, safety vests, gloves and buckets). Groups typically select an area to pick-up litter that corresponds the area they typically meet or operate (such as the roadway/area near their church or business). In the event that a group does not have an area to pick-up litter, we will work with them to identify and area of need.

We encourage groups associated with churches, businesses, civic and community groups, sports or schools to commit to participating in this event to help make a difference in our county while ensuring our communities, public spaces, roadways and natural areas are free from litter. All participants in this annual clean-up will be provided an event t-shirt for their efforts.

Thank you for everything you do to Keep Putnam County Beautiful!

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