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How to Make a Donation to the Clean Commission

Thank you so much for considering making a donation to help Keep Puntam County Beautiful Clean Commission continue our mission to help keep litter out of our natural areas, public spaces and communities. 

There are 4 ways that you can make a contribution to our organization. You can make a donation now by using Paypal, Cash App or Venmo if you prefer making an electronic donation. If you use one of these methods, please provide us your name and e-mail address in the comments section of the donation so that we can properly contact and thank you for your generosity.

For thos who prefer to make a donation through the use of a check or cash, please feel free to use the attached form, and you can mail it to our PO Box.

Thank you all again for everything you do to Keep Putnam County Beautiful.

Keep Putnam County Beautiful
Clean Commission
PO Box 3963
Cookeville TN 38502

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